Hi! I'm José Pedro Silva!

If you found this page you may want to know a little more about me. Please carry on :)

PS: If you want the traditional, more complete CV, you can find it here.

About Me


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

Well, if you really want to know me I suggest we meet for a cup of coffee or schedule a skype/hangouts/... call sometime. That's probably the best way to really get to know me.

Apart from that, one of the things that I can tell you about myself is that I don't really like to brag. If you were expecting that, I'm sorry but you are probably on the wrong page. The best thing you can do to know me a bit more is to talk with my colleagues, friends and family. They can give you an honest evaluation about my skills and about me as an individual.

Because you are kind enough to still be reading this, I will do just a quick summary of what I've done so far.

Starting with the facts: I have a MSc in Informatics and Computer Engineering from University of Porto [concluded in 2013, final grade 18 (out of 20)] and I'm currently a Software Engineer at Critical Manufacturing. My MSc thesis was about Support for Automatic Negotiation on Airline Operational Control Centers, a collaboration between TAP Portugal and LIACC.

My love for software started as a little kid with my fascination about anything computer related. "The thing" that make me be a Software Engineer? The ability to help people in their every day life. These days almost anything has software in it so it's like our code can be omnipresent in everyone's life. Critical Software (for low fault tolerance fields like a aeronautics, high performance industries, health products, finance, ...), Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence are the topics that get me motivated the most.

All that said, I must say that anything that takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to learn more each day, working with a great team, is something that I'm definitely interested in.


Here are (some of) my projects:

Torrent Manager

Make It Mobile

Tralhas do Mundo

Go Vintage Design


Academia de Música Fernando Matos

Banda Musical de Caldas das Taipas

Geração Benfica Esposende-Barcelos



Since a young age I've shown interest for anything music related and I play the Tuba since 2001. Despite being an amateur player I've had the chance to play in many orchestras and ensembles both nationally and internationally, and record two albums has a guest tuba soloist. Nowadays my gold years as a tuba player are over (mainly because I don't have the time, that I had in the past, to dedicate to it) but I still play in some local groups.

DIY Electronics

My passion for buttons goes back as far as I can remember myself. Since my high school years I take apart and reassemble computers and old kitchen appliances, specially for friends and family.

Recently I've bought a raspberry pi and I'm currently working on my own alarm clock with an embedded LED monitor attached to the pi's GPIO. Let's see what I will end up with :)

Technical Skills






Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Entity Framework (EF)
Windows Phone



IEEE member since 2011 and active volunteer since 2012. I've been University of Porto Student Branch Chair (2012/13) and I'm currently the Portugal Section ExCom Secretary since January 2014.

I had also the pleasure and honor to lead the team that organized the 3rd Iberian Student Branch and GOLD Congress 2013 (ISBC) as Organizing Committee Chairman.

As an invited speaker I've participated in several events, including Leadership Camp 2014 - 1st Edition and WIE Portugal 4th Anniversary. As an IEEE volunteer I've attended the Student Branch and GOLD Congress 2012 in Madrid [as a Student Member] and the 103rd IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting and IEEE Sections Congress 2014 in Amsterdam [as a Portugal Section delegate].

Centro Juvenil de Campanhã

As a volunteer, I've collaborated with Centro Juvenil de Campanhã where I've had the chance to meet and support young kids, helping with their homework and exams. It was a wonderful and rewarding work, it allowed me to connect and understand many of the problems that orphan kids face daily and, when teaching, be able to step down to their level of knowledge to then rise alongside them and watch them light up.

Banda Musical de Caldas das Taipas

One of the oldest philharmonic bands in the country with over 180 years of history, Banda Musical de Caldas das Taipas is one of the most well-known music formations in north Portugal.
Member since 2003 as Tuba player and Tuba's leader from 2005 to 2013. Vice-President since 2013.

Academia de Música Fernando Matos

Educational branch of Banda Musical de Caldas das Taipas, provides high quality music classes at a very low cost.
One of the founders and currently Vice-Director since 2013.


If you want to get in touch with me, please just send me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.